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After years of experience in the jewelry and luxury watch industry, Asset backer team is working to meet the needs of jeweler & luxury watch dealers for an alternative source for fast capital unlike traditional lending.

We are proudly exclusive. We started our business by servicing dealers and distributors in the luxury watch and jewelry industry. In the wake of the banking liquidity crunch for luxury asset dealers, many companies became, and remain, repeat customers, using their inventory to take advantage of new business opportunities.

Because we have been engaged in the wholesale luxury watches trade, we also provide services ordinary lenders do not.  We know the market intimately and can deliver the maximum capital-to-asset value ratios.

Whether you’re an individual with a funding challenge, or a business owner in need of working capital, we can structure an asset-backed capital agreement to suit all your short or long-term liquidity needs.

Asset backer offers a fast transaction, flexible terms, complete confidentiality and an option for you to repurchase your assets. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to becoming your financial partner.



  • Minimum Re-Purchase option -$ 50,000
  • Typical Terms: 3 to 12 months
  • Indicative LTV 60% of asset value


  • WATCH BRANDS INCLUDE Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Cartier, Jacob& Co
  • JEWELLERY : White (with GIA or GCS certification), Blue or Yellow Diamonds. Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies: 5+ Carat with AGL, Gubelin or SSEF certification.


LUXURY WATCHES: Value is determined based on brand and model, condition, scarcity, age and provenance. In addition, we delve into market feedback and mine insights from manufacturers, auction house records and third-party data collectors. As part of our diligence, we also review registers of lost and stolen items.

JEWELLERY: We assess affiliation with top-tier jewelry houses, popularity of period or style, material and gemstones.Clients must provide proof of ownership and certifications for jewelry.

However, as jewelry appraisal is complex, we encourage direct inquiry about specific pieces.


With Asset backer jewelry and watch re purchase program , clients have the confidence of insurance and exceptional care and handling of assets during transport, appraisal and storage.

1. Depending on the progress of the valuation process, luxury assets are insured at either the Replacement Cost or the valuation provided by the certified appraiser.

2. There are several options to safely get assets to us, including insured mail services, courier collection or personal drop-of.

3. In special cases, bespoke arrangements will be made to transport client’s jewelry and watches.

4. Assets are barcoded with a unique ID, photographed, placed in a protective box and kept in highly secure facilities with 24/7 monitoring.

5. While under buyback option we can provide specialized care, including steam cleaning, polish, basic repair and gemstone certification.


File An Application
Individuals and small businesses can fill out a straightforward application form detailing financial needs, and details of collateral.

Initial Offer
Upon receipt and assessment of application, we will send out an initial offer which carries no obligation or penalty for response.

Ship Luxury Asset
Upon acceptance of the initial offer, you’ll populate a pre-paid, fully insured FedEx label. Shipping cost is covered by us and your asset is fully insured by both FedEx and under our General Liability Insurance Policy.

Once we receive your asset we complete our final evaluation of its condition and value. Based on those results we will send you a Final Offer.

Final Offer
When our appraisers reach a conclusion, we will send out our final offer. You are under zero obligations to accept this, and there are no penalties for rejecting the same. If you consider it a fair deal, which you assuredly will, you simply accept our offer.

Funds Provision
Funds are provided as soon as you accept our final offer, directly deposited into your bank account with no further delays. In an almost automated process, as soon as the paperwork is sorted out, your bank account is credited.

Monthly Fees
As part of your contract, you agree to pay a monthly service fee to keep your contract in force. Payments are drawn every 30 days. We have service-fee only options and also amortizing options where you can reduce principal with each payment.

Asset Return
Once you repay the amount in your contract – plus any outstanding service fees – we ship your asset back to you via Secured Shipping Partners.


  • Owner & Founder- Sameer Bava  , He not only dedicated his youth to jewelry which expanded his growth and knowledge in the industry, he also is a certified gemologist who gained a significant amount of experience in both Dubai and Miami. At the age of 22, Sameer left India where he learned much of his expertise in the jewel and gem and luxury watch business through his families’ company to pursue his ambition of creating his own name and status in Miami, Florida. Today Asset Backer is one of the biggest leading companies in Miami and greater surrounding areas which contributes this success towards his hard-earned reputation in the industry. Asset Backer is growing even more significantly with a great amount of success through its exposure and upscale reputation, serving its clientele through online and physical platform with an outstanding reputation.
  • Chief Appraiser – Ziv Tamir , is the Chief Appraiser and is a Graduate Gemologist, certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), He has over 10 years of experience in the fine jewelry ,diamonds and luxury watches appraisal.
  • Business Head – PK Jain , is an MBA from the reputed Indian School of Business. PK brings years of experience managing the lending process cycle. He contributes immensely toward the business development and implementation of the Asset Backer business plan. He has built a robust network of dealers and distributors in the luxury asset segment.
  • Consultant – Patrick De Lisi  , is a graduate of Fordham University and a licensed CPA. He has held a number of senior financial management and operational roles throughout his career in both apparel industry and financial services. With almost over 3 decades of experience in both the factoring and merchant cash advance industries he has proven team building skills and scaling operations seamlessly.
  • CTO – Reji Joseph leads AB’s strategy across key technology initiatives. As a technical executive, Reji brings extensive experience with a strong background in engineering and architecture Reji received his Master’s (Master of Computer Application) from Osmania University, India.


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14 NE 1st Ave, Suite – 800
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Florida, USA


+1 305-608-1231

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